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The Morrant Thames Valley Cricket League covers a large area mainly to the west of London and includes major cricket clubs from no less than seven counties - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

TVCL seeks to promote the highest standards in all facets of the game and is an important component of the ECB Premier League structure with promotion and relegation to and from the Home Counties Premier League. If you would like any further information, please contact a member of the Committee

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2017 Division Winners

Division 1: Wokingham
Division 2a: North Maidenhead
Division 2b: Slough 2
Division 3a: Wokingham 2
Division 3b: Amersham 2
Division 4a: NPL
Division 4b: Wooburn Narkovians
Division 5a: Hillingdon Manor
Division 5b: Boyne Hill 2
Division 6a: Boyne Hill 3
Division 6b: Sonning 2
Division 7a: Theale & Tilehurst 2
Division 7b: Farnham Royal 2
Division 8a: Theale & Tilehurst 3
Division 8b: Slough 5
Division 9a: Wargrave 3
Division 9b: Farnham Common 3
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End of Season Finalisation

All results and scorecards for 2017 are now in and archived. Consequently no further changes will be allowed and the 'Match Scorecard' and 'Verify Match Scorecard' options will not be in operation until the 2018 season.

Match Rule 17.2 Clarification

There is a problem with the wording of this rule which means that it could be read in two different ways. This would only be in circumstances where there are forfeitures on rain-affected days. We have issued a norte (in the Documents section of the website) stating how the rule will be interpreted this season and pending a change at the next AGM [12/5/2017]

TVCL Expansion

At the Special General Meeting on 26th April.the expansion of TVCL in 2018 was agreed and the following seven clubs were elected as members with effect from 1st October 2017. Subject to withdrawing from their existing leagues, they will play in TVCL in the 2018 season:

Ickenham C.C. ( Associate Member, now upgraded to Full Member status); Binfield C.C; Sulhamstead C.C; White Waltham C.C; Bradfield C.C; Taplow C.C; Wraysbury C.C.

2017 Season - Reminders

• Captains in L1-4 are likely to get automatic notices from WTU of their umpiring appointments for the forthcoming weekend. For most L4 and some L3 matches these notices will tell you that you have a club umpire rather than a panel one. This may seem confusing but it does actually say, very clearly, ‘Club Umpire’. The reason for this is that you need to complete assessments for all umpires, both panel and club.[updated 7/3/2017]

• For captains and scorers in Levels where there are Win/Lose matches which are affected by the :weather the DLS G50 parameter should be set to 245.

TVCL League Structure 2017

Updated details of the 2017 structure have been published - go to the Documents page (under 'Contacts & Administration') . The structure at Level 9 has been changed.and there are now only 9 teams in Division 6a following the withdrawal of Chiswick and Whitton 3.

The reviseded full fixture list for 2017 also appears on the Fixtures pages of the website [7/3/2017]

Links with Play-Cricket

In the close season we have established contacts with Play-Cricket and progress is being made towards .getting our results and scorecard data accepted automatically. In view of past problems we do not wish to say any more thanthis at present, but we are hopeful that something will be working in the coming season.

This would mean that clubs which use Pitchero, whose system, simply downloads what is on Play-Cricket, would avoid having to enter these details twice - but we are not there yet! [7/3/2017]

Website Statistics

Nerds - and others - may be interested to see how busy our new website has been! Since January there have been well over a quarter-million visits and over 7 million hits. Details are under the Documents section (in the 'Contacts & Admin' menu). The link address is - unfortunately this link does not work directly but it's given here so you can copy and paste it into your browser if you're confident with using this method. [24/11/2016]


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