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Fixtures for Week 1 - 6 May 2017

Teams with no fixture this week:

Chenies & Latimer 3

Farnham Common


Thatcham Town 4

Umpires appointments for appropriate matches can be found here

Division 1

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Covevs. Cookham Dean
Gerrards Crossvs. Boyne Hill
Henley 2vs. Wokingham
Marlowvs. Falkland
Stoke Greenvs. Finchampstead 2

Division 2a

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Bagshotvs. North Maidenhead
Chesham 2vs. Maidenhead & Bray
Eversleyvs. Hayes
Harefield 2vs. Kidmore End
Kewvs. Windsor

Division 2b

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Aldershotvs. Thatcham Town
Beaconsfieldvs. Royal Ascot
Slough 2vs. High Wycombe 2
Sonningvs. Burnham 2
Yateleyvs. Hurst

Division 3a

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Falkland 2vs. Chiswick & Whitton
Finchampstead 3vs. Cove 2
Fleetvs. Wargrave
Newburyvs. Purley-on-Thames
Wokingham 2vs. Yateley 2

Division 3b

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Chenies & Latimervs. Gerrards Cross 2
Ruislipvs. Datchet 2
Tring Park 2vs. Amersham 2
Windsor 2vs. Kew 2
No Fixture: Bagshot

Division 4a

Home Away Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Burnham 3vs. Bagshot 2
NPLvs. Eversley 2
Reading 2vs. High Wycombe 3
Royal Ascot 2vs. Beaconsfield 2
Slough 3vs. Teddington Town

Division 4b

Home Away
British Airwaysvs. Farnham Royal
Cookham Dean 2vs. Amersham 3
North Maidenhead 2vs. Marlow 2
Thatcham Town 2vs. Stoke Green 2
Theale & Tilehurstvs. Wooburn Narkovians

Division 5a

Home Away
Chalfont St Petervs. Kew 3
Chesham 3vs. Windsor 3
Harefield 3vs. Princes Risborough
Hayes 2vs. OMT 2
Hillingdon Manorvs. British Airways 2

Division 5b

Home Away
Boyne Hill 2vs. Falkland 3
Chiswick & Whitton 2vs. Bracknell
Maidenhead & Bray 2vs. Henley 3
Wargrave 2vs. Aldershot 2
Wokingham 3vs. Slough 4

Division 6a

Home Away
Boyne Hill 3vs. Chenies & Latimer 2
Cookham Dean 3vs. Burnham 4
Datchet 3vs. Barnes Wild Geese
Teddington Town 2vs. Eastcote 4
No Fixture: Hillingdon Manor 2

Division 6b

Home Away
Cove 3vs. Yateley 3
Farnham Common 2vs. Finchampstead 4
Hurst 2vs. Aldershot 3
Purley-on-Thames 2vs. Sonning 2
Reading 3vs. Royal Ascot 3

Division 7a

Home Away
Bracknell 2vs. Theale & Tilehurst 2
Eversley 3vs. Newbury 2
Kidmore End 2vs. Fleet 2
Maidenhead & Bray 3vs. Wokingham 4
Thatcham Town 3vs. North Maidenhead 3

Division 7b

Home Away
Farnham Royal 2vs. NPL 2
Henley 4vs. Chalfont St Peter 2
High Wycombe 4vs. Hillingdon Manor 2
Tring Park 3vs. Ruislip 2
Wooburn Narkovians 2vs. Chesham 4

Division 8a

Home Away
Finchampstead 5vs. Datchet 4
Hayes 4vs. Theale & Tilehurst 3
Kew 4vs. Sonning 3
Royal Ascot 4vs. Reading 4
Windsor 4vs. Bagshot 3

Division 8b

Home Away
Gerrards Cross 3vs. Beaconsfield 3
Marlow 3vs. Harefield 4
Marlow Parkvs. Boyne Hill 4
Slough 5vs. Tring Park 4
Stoke Green 3vs. Hayes 3

Division 9a

Home Away
Cove 5vs. Cookham Dean 4
Kidmore End 3vs. Eversley 4
Wokingham 5vs. Wargrave 3
Yateley 4vs. Newbury 3
No Fixture: Boyne Hill 4

Division 9b

Home Away
Amersham 4vs. Farnham Common 3
High Wycombe 5vs. Ickenham 4
Princes Risborough 2vs. NPL 3
Teddington Town 3vs. Maidenhead & Bray 4
No Fixture: Chenies & Latimer 3

A full download of all fixtures for 2017 is available on the documents page