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The Morrant Thames Valley Cricket League covers a large area mainly to the west of London and includes major cricket clubs from no less than seven counties - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

TVCL seeks to promote the highest standards in all facets of the game and is an important component of the ECB Premier League structure with promotion and relegation to and from the Home Counties Premier League. If you would like any further information, please contact a member of the Committee

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2018 Division Leaders

Division 1: Cookham Dean
Division 2a: Hayes
Division 2b: High Wycombe 2
Division 3a: High Wycombe 3
Division 3b: Ickenham
Division 4a: Binfield
Division 4b: Wraysbury
Division 5a: Ickenham 2
Division 5b: Wokingham 3
Division 6a: Wraysbury 2
Division 6b: Taplow 2
Division 7a: Fleet 2
Division 7b: High Wycombe 4
Division 8a: Hayes 3
Division 8b: Stoke Green 3
Division 9a: Wokingham 5
Division 9b: High Wycombe 5
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2018 Season - Closing Down
The system will be closed to clubs on 30 September after which date it will NOT be possible to make any further changes to 2018 results and scorecards. Consequently it is important to ensure that all scorecards have been checked and finalised before then.
This does not apply to maintenance of player records nor club information, officers etc which can carry on as usual.

Bonus Points - 11 August 2018
Unfortunately a bug crept into the system which affected the batting bonus points for sides batting first in a match affected by rain where the D/L or Average Run Rate was used to set a target for the side batting second. The bonus was calculated using the target score rather than runs actually scored.
We think we have identified all those matches affected and everything should be correct now. If any captain spots anything still awry by Wednesday 15 August please advise us using the 'Report Submission Errors' facility.
We're sorry that this happened. It came about on the first occasion the new ARR calculations were widely used and should not recur.

Captain's Form
PLEASE be careful and make sure you select the right team before submitting the CF! We've had several instances where the form has been 'hijacked' by the opposition which locks them out - and causes US a great deal of work.

Points in Win/Lose format
Please remember: win points are 20 (and not 25) and bonuses for batting and bowling run from 1 (for 75 runs or 1 wicket) to 6 (200 runs/9 wickets) AND there is no doubling of batting points in the first innings!
For most divisions the last of the early season W/L matches will be on 2 June; W/L will recommence on 11 August.
Level 8/9 matches will be Win/Lose throughout.

ARR calculator
Calculator for the Average Run Rate to be used in rain-affected matches in Levels 3-9 is at

Law 41/42 Reports
Umpires are reminded that there is now a number of occasions where a report of infringements under Law 41 or Law 42 needs to be made. The new layout of the Umpires' Form (UF) caters for this and there is a new, simpler report form in the Documents section which can be used for Law 41 infringements only

Weather forecast and rain radar
Slough - More weather in Always your weather

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